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Beast Kingdom: DAH-056 Dynamic 8-Ction Figure- Batman 1989



Beast Kingdom proudly enters the world of Tim Burton's Batman with the Batman 1989 Batman DAH-056 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Action Figure. Batman's iconic suit has been recreated using PVC for a film accurate, rubberized look. The action figure's real fabric cape contains flexible wiring for a range of dynamic display options. Capture iconic scenes with the included 3x interchangeable face sculpts (regular, angry, and smiling) that feature the likeness of Michael Keaton. Additional accessories include 5x pairs of interchangeable hands, 3x small batarangs, 1x large batarang, 1x dismantlable grappling gun, 1x bomb detonator, 3x smoke bombs, 1x large rope grappling hook, and 1x Batmobile pager. The Batman 1989 Batman DAH-056 Dynamic 8-Ction Heroes Action Figure has roughly 20 points of articulation and measures approximately 8-inches tall.

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