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Pop Freak Collectibles “By Collectors, For Collectors”

The journey begins in 2013 when I first discovered the Funko Pop line & thought to myself, “Wow! So cool!” Well, fast-forward about 15 minutes & I had about twenty pieces in my cart, ready for checkout! I, quite literally, became a Pop Freak in that moment. Only, I wouldn’t come to realize it until very recently.  You see, my life has revolved around the music & entertainment industry all of my adult life, working for indie & major record labels, recording studios, as a DJ & music producer & over the last 4 years as an account & project manager for a successful AV/event production company, specializing in large scale events, concerts & festivals.

Then came 2020, the year of Covid-19 & my livelihood was stripped away, like so many others.  During this time, I began collecting a little more seriously than in years past, trying to find the rare pieces I had missed out on. Born from that, was a rebirth of my love for “The Hunt!” My love for hunting down rare Funko Pops dates back to my days as a nightclub DJ, hunting for those rare dance floor cuts that were lesser known or undiscovered in my local market. I quickly realized how much I missed that feeling of finally obtaining that record I was after. Only this time, it was with Funko Pops!

That brings me to present day & the opportunity to share my passion for “The Hunt” with my fellow Pop Freaks, in the form of a curated online experience dedicated to building relationships with customers to ensure their collectibles are being handled, packaged & shipped with the utmost care. ALWAYS keeping the collector in mind!

This is just the beginning & as the company grows, it will evolve & we will add new collectibles & scale up our product offerings to satisfy your passion for “The Hunt.” We will push the limits of what is possible & bring to you the best service we can.

Although we may change over time, we will always be Pop Freaks!


- Jay