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Pop Animation: My Hero Academia- Gran Torino (2022 Summer Convention)

Sold out.


In the world of the iconic anime and manga series My Hero Academia (BNHA), Sorahiko Torino, known by his hero name Gran Torino, is a retired pro hero and former homeroom teacher at U.A. High School, who mentors both All Might and Deku. A powerful hero who uses his Jet Quirk to shoot jets of air from the holes on the soles of his feet for speed, flight, and kicking power, this hero is a fan-favourite of many and a must-have for your collection!

This SDCC 2022 Summer Convention Comic Con exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl figure is a must-have for any collection! Don’t miss out on this highly detailed and collectible POP figure, exclusive to Funko’s Summer Convention for 2022’s San Diego Comic Con.

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