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Pop Television: Walking Dead- Shiva JM

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Shiva is a tigress belonging to Ezekiel, king of the Kingdom and recurring character of The Walking Dead. Before mankind was hit hard by the apocalypse, Shiva was an animal living in captivity in a zoo where Ezekielworked as a keeper. One day, Shiva seriously injured his leg in his enclosure. In the absence of a veterinarian, Ezekiel decided to take matters into his own hands and rescue the poor injured animal. Miraculously, Ezekiel managed to stop the bleeding by applying a tourniquet around the wound with his work shirt. Grateful, Shiva never showed any signs of hostility towards her saviour and always remained by her side after this event. Very protective towards Ezekiel, Shiva is ready to sacrifice everything for his master, even his own life.

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